Why Is Traeger Grill Pellet Box Smoking Too Much?

Why Is Traeger Grill Pellet Box Smoking Too Much

Some people wonder if their pellet grill makes too much smoke when it’s in use. Some smokers complain that their smoked meat doesn’t have the proper fragrance.

This could be because the smoke from the pellets is getting into the airflow when it hits the bottom of the tank.

So, why is traeger grill pellet box smoking too much?

The problem is resolved by using more pellets. On most models, the heat comes primarily from the interior walls.

In the event that the air path is clogged, this can result in smoke emitted from the hopper.

Even though Traeger pellet grills produce less smoke compared to charcoal or gas cookers, the odor sometimes escapes into enclosed spaces.

Some stains are also created by smoke on coated surfaces.

To avoid this happening to you, dry your grill after every use. You should also attain an excellent airflow of about 50 to 60 miles per hour within your grill chamber.

Permit your grill to preheat for at least 25 minutes prior to cooking.

Always put on a mask to avoid inhaling the fumes and smoke when smoking meat. Your grill will also last longer if you take care of it regularly and in the right way.


Why Your Traeger Pellet Box is Smoking Too Much?

Not Being on the Level Surface

Check to see if you have placed the grill on a level surface without tilting it forward or backward.

If it isn’t, this might create a back draft when in use. This will push the smoke and smoke from the fuel chamber to the chimney, causing a smoke emission from the back. To avoid this happening to you, ensure that your Traeger grill is horizontal at all times.

Airflow Issues

There may be too much smoke coming out of your pellet smoker if the airflow within the unit is blocked or the vents are blocked.

A frequent problem that produces a lot of smoke and fumes is the clogging of the air inlet vent situated beneath the hopper door.

In addition, if you don’t clean the fan for a really long time, it will become very dirty and produce excessive smoke and fumes that spoil the flavor of your food.

Moisture in the Pellets

It’s best to store wood pellets that haven’t been used yet in a dry place away from heat and moisture so that they can keep their original quality for a long time.

When there is too much moisture in the pellets, they can stop the fire from starting, cause the food to steam too much, and make an unpleasant smell.

This clearly produces more smoke and causes the food to become overcooked and dry too.

Also, when there are a lot of moist pellets in your pellet box, the humidity in the firebox will increase a lot due to the presence of water, and the coal will burn up very fast.

Excessive Grease

After a lengthy period of cooking, grease builds up around the firepot and spreads into the air intake tubes.

This gradually blocks the flow of air and builds up pressure inside the cooker, which makes the cooker make too much smoke and fumes.


Many individuals report that their pellet smokers produce a lot of smoke when the burn pot gets clogged with ash or grease residue.

Some people may cook the meat for too long, causing the burnt pieces to accumulate in the burn pot and cause backburn.

However, this is sometimes unavoidable when using a slow cooker due to the low efficiency of the heater and the slower burning rate that results from the prolonged cooking times.

Backburn is the collection of small pieces of wood that burn at the bottom of the firepot and keep moving up the chimney and into the smoke chamber.

The pellets in the Traeger pellet box are always moving from the hopper to the burn pot and then through the firetubes to the firebox, where they are completely burned by the heat source.

Smoking too much might damage the flavor and taste of your meats because burning will produce a smoky taste in your food.

The meat will taste and smell like burnt charcoal instead of a pleasant barbecue flavor.

How to Control the Smoke Coming out of Traeger Grill Pellet Box

Keep The Lid Shut

It will be useless if the lid is left open when the smoker is on because the smoke will escape out of the grill as well as the air vents under the hopper door.

Because of the oxygen in the air, smoke rises from the burn pot when it’s being heated to high temperatures.

Make sure to close the grill’s lid when the temperature starts to rise above 300 degrees Fahrenheit to cut down on the amount of oxygen that gets in.

Unplug the Grill

Remove the grill’s plug before storing it or putting it away after use because the accumulated ash inside the burner will cause the ignition to fail, making it hard to restart the grill again.

It will progressively get worse over time as the heat generated by your stove creates a lot of heat, which increases the temperature inside the machine.

Cleaning the Pellet Box

You should constantly clean the Traeger pellet box after every use to prevent the accumulation of ash and dirt that may cause blockage of the airflow and affect the heating performance.

If you don’t keep it clean, the smoke coming out of the vent may stink like rotten eggs because of the smell coming from the ash buildup around the vents.

This may eventually cause unpleasant odors and smoke to come out of the air vents.

Take your time and thoroughly clean all the ashes and debris from the grill before storing it to prevent the buildup of dirt and dust from affecting the taste of your meats the next time you use it.

Re-Installing the Fan

Another cause of smoke is that some parts in your smoker may be worn out or damaged, which may lead to poor airflow and smoke issues.

In this case, the fan should push out the heat from the heat plate under the fuel chamber while moving the air up. This creates a draft that pushes the smoke out of the main vent on the top of the lid.

If this occurs, check all components of the fan to ensure that they’re in good condition before using them.

Manually Spinning the Fan

Try your hand at manually spinning the fan to see if it’s functioning well by moving the blade by hand and seeing if the smoke is blowing out well through the vents.

While cooking, pay attention to how hot the grill gets to ensure that the temperature doesn’t exceed 300 degrees Fahrenheit, which will prevent excess smoke and an unpleasant taste in your food.

Turn off the grill and let it cool down for a couple of minutes before cleaning it, because doing this will prolong the life of your Traeger pellets and accessories.

Then try whirling the blades again to see if they’re functioning properly and if the smoke is flowing out of the vents.

When you manually spin the fan, the vent holes should stay open the entire time while you move the blades to make sure air is circulating properly in the grill to prevent a fire from starting and ruining your Traeger wood pellet burner.

The Final Shutdown

Finally, you may complete the shutdown procedure by turning off all the controls on the grill and unplugging it from the power source before you put it away for safekeeping.

Check that all of the parts are secured in place to avoid damage to the electrical parts when you store it in your shed or garage until the next use.

It will be incredibly hot, so make sure that you wear gloves when handling the grill to keep it cool and prevent burns.

Allow it to cool before opening the lid, because doing this will expose you to extreme heat.

Can a Traeger Pellet Grill Catch on Fire?

Yes, the Traeger pellet grill, like any other appliance, can catch on fire due to faulty components or overheating during cooking.

Even though they’re pretty safe, it’s still important to take the precautions you need to use them safely.

A fire may start if the lid is not closed correctly or if the burner is malfunctioning.

Also, grease could start a fire if it gets stuck between the heating elements or on the tray.

As a result, keep flammable materials away from the unit and make sure it’s away from the reach of children to avoid any accidents.

How Can I Get More Smoke Out of My Traeger Grill?

Some of us like to add extra smoked flavor to our food to give it a distinct flavor.

We aim to produce as much smoke as possible, but depending on the amount of food we’re grilling and the amount of heat that’s being generated, some might not get the desired flavor that we want.

Most Traeger grill models include a switch or knob that adjusts the smoke level, which you can either use to get more or less of it.

This will distribute the exact amount of smoke that you want while cooking your food to perfection.

Furthermore, it will not matter if you’re using hardwood pellets or a blend; you’ll be able to achieve the perfect smoked flavor using the adjustable feature.

You may also adjust the temperature of your grill with the dial to achieve the desired temperature for a perfectly cooked meal every time.

If you are still dissatisfied, you may want to experiment with different wood pellets to find the ones that you like best for your grilled dishes.

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Final Words

The smoke from the Traeger barbecue may occasionally cause an odor inside the house if you’re not careful, but this shouldn’t last long after you’ve finished cooking the food on the grill.

It has the capability to produce a lot of smoke and can also cook your food perfectly.

When the meal is all done and everyone is hungry, you can expect everyone to enjoy their meal because it has been cooked to perfection by the Traeger pellet grill.

Smoke is an unpredictable factor when it comes to cooking, and you may sometimes get a more smoky taste than you want depending on what type of wood you’re using.

If you can perfect the settings of your grill, you’ll surely be able to cook your meals to your complete satisfaction.

If you wish, you can experiment around with different woods for different flavors and styles of smoking your meals.

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