How to Remove Pellets from Traeger Auger

How to Remove Pellets from Traeger Auger

You can remove pellets from your Traeger Auger without too much trouble.

They’re found in a variety of spices, such as black pepper and ginger. Removing them from your stove is simple, and you can do it in a couple of different ways.

So, how do you remove pellets from a Traeger auger?

The easiest way to remove pellets from the auger is to turn the machine off and let it cool down for at least an hour.

This will prevent the pellets from overheating and sticking in the auger. Then, you can remove the hopper and clean out the pellets with a pipe cleaner or paperclip.

Finally, you can reassemble the hopper and machine.


Why You Should Remove Pellets from Your Traeger Grill Auger?

When they are not used for more than two weeks, it is recommended to remove the wood pellets from the grill’s hopper.

The wetness is absorbed by the wood, and it will cause the heating process to be less efficient and may even cause your pellet grill to catch fire due to burning wood pellets.

Even while the pellets are wet, they will still be able to be burned on the pellet grill, but the moisture content will dramatically affect the burn rate and the lifespan of the grill.

As a result, it is preferable that you remove the moisture from the wood pellets in order to prolong the life of your pellet grill.

How to Remove Pellets from Traeger Auger

Before proceeding to the auger removal process, make sure to turn off the heat on your pellet grill.

Look closely at the top of the hopper; there should be a bolt that looks like a screw under the lid.

If the grill lacks a release mechanism, then you may have to remove the bolts from the top and bottom of the cooker using a screwdriver or socket wrench in order to release the screws holding the cover in place.

These pellets may also be removed using a wire brush, but it may damage the finish of the machine if the brushes are not cleaned properly after use.

If you like, you may also use a paper clip to pull out any stuck pieces of wood from the burner or grates.

Before cleaning the grill, be extra careful as you disassemble the machine because the small pieces of wood may fly out when the parts are disconnected.

Open the lid and use a Traeger cleaning brush to clean the inside of the barrel thoroughly to get rid of any dirt or debris that may have accumulated inside the cooker.

Remove the pieces from the cooker and clean them separately using water and a sponge or rag to dry them off completely before reassembling them.

After cleaning from top to bottom, use the wire brush to remove any leftover residue on the grates, bottom, walls, or other exposed areas of the machine.

Finally, double-check that everything has been reassembled correctly before placing the cover back in place.

Is It Necessary to Remove the Pellets From a Traeger Grill?

This is entirely dependent on how frequently you use your pellet smoker.

It is OK to leave the pellets in the bin for more than two weeks, but you should clean them out at least once a month to avoid having to remove them later on.

If the pellets are kept for an even longer period of time, they may cause the gunk in the cooking chamber to build up and create problems for the auger assembly.

If you take these pellets out and put them in a separate container, air will flow better and grease won’t build up in the bin or the auger assembly.

How Do I Clean and Empty My Traeger Auger?

Before you can clean your auger, you should first remove all the parts from the unit, including the hinge pin, door spring, barrel cap, screw-in lock nut, screw-on latch.

Make sure you switch the power off before you start disassembling the unit, because you will risk damaging it if you touch the electrical components while it is still plugged in.

Look closely at the top of the hopper; there should be a bolt that looks like a screw under the lid.

Simply unscrew and remove the bolt by lifting it up with a screwdriver, and then remove the screws holding the barrel lid in place.

Remove the pellet guard and clean out all the leftover pellets at the bottom of the hopper using a plastic scraper or a small shovel.

These pellets may be removed either by hand or by tipping the hopper on its side to allow gravity to do its thing.

You may clean the grates with a grill brush soaked in soapy water before washing them off with warm water and letting them dry completely.

Just wipe off the grease and make sure the grate is completely dry before putting it back together.

Before you clean the grill, make sure that all of the electric parts are unplugged so that they don’t get broken.

Open the lid and use a putty knife to remove the small vent covers that are located directly beneath the cooking grates.

Remove the pieces by twisting them off with a screwdriver or a pair of pliers, and then place the pieces in a bucket of warm soapy water and let them soak for a while to loosen up the debris stuck to their surfaces.

After cleaning from top to bottom, connect the vent covers to the hinges, then gently pull them back into place to seal the holes.

Check that everything is perfectly aligned before tightening the screws securely to prevent any leaks from happening later.

Connect the grill to a power source and turn the power on to preheat the internal components.

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Final Words

When your pellets don’t ignite and don’t provide enough heat for your grill, it is time to replace your pellet fuel with a new one.

When not grilling, it is best to remove the pellets from the bin and keep them in an airtight bag to keep them fresh for a longer period of time.

The moisture content of your wood pellets may also affect how well they burn, so always choose good quality wood pellets.

Pellets might get moist even within the package, so check them thoroughly for moisture and mold before using them in your machine.

The cause might be anything, such as wanting to save a little money on the purchase price, or not wanting to take the time to set up a storage unit for the wood pellets.

When they haven’t been used in quite a while, they lose their luster and the flavor just isn’t as good anymore.

Pellet removal is critical for maintaining the machine’s efficiency and performance, as well as keeping the unit clean and free of debris build-up.

You may clean the housing of the grill with the vacuum cleaner to remove any loose debris, dust, or dirt that may have accumulated over time.

Just make sure the grill is completely cool before doing this to avoid any damage to the internal components.

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