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This website is committed to assisting users by providing accurate and current information about grills.

Our long-term objective has been to ultimately produce a directory with a comprehensive list of grill manufacturers, suppliers and retailers from around the world.

The barbeque industry may consist of different segments such as charcoal or gas, portable or built-in, big or small.

We have released hundreds of useful articles to help you choose the perfect grill for your needs and enhance your grilling experience.

Choosing from among the hundreds of items available can be a daunting task for the average consumer.

What We Provide to Readers

The website’s material is divided into the following information:


This section is for those that love to cook and experiment with new flavours and cooking techniques.

We have covered hundreds of tried-and-true recipes, as well as recipes for newbies that want to explore the world of barbecue cooking.

Product Reviews

This section of the web guide provides in-depth reviews about BBQ grills, accessories, and accessories.

Based on in-depth study and expertise with various items, we provide honest and thorough reviews for our readers.

Preventive Measures

This section is for pit masters that want to keep their grills in top shape and clean all the time.

Everything pertaining to what precautions they may need to take before firing up their grill and how to clean and maintain it after use are covered in this section of the web.

In addition, we will offer more categories than above for you to read. Believe you will get what you want in my website.

About PastimeBarAndGrill.Com

Like the millions of other Americans, I love cooking and eating outdoor food with family and friends on my patio or backyard.

I love to cook outside because it offers not only great taste but also fun and good mood to me and my family.

I’m making a little effort to share what I’ve learn and experience with you on this website.

I hope you find my advice useful and I hope you enjoy my recipes.

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