How to Mod A Blackstone 36?

Do you want to up your outdoor cooking game? If so, you need to learn how to mod your Blackstone 36. This top-notch equipment is designed for the serious griller.

With a few tweaks, it can become even more useful. In this blog post, we’ll look at how to modify a Blackstone 36. From selecting the right parts and accessories to installing them correctly, we’ve got you covered.

We’ll also discuss how to get the most out of your Blackstone 36 after the repairs are done.

So, if you’re ready for an extraordinary grilling experience, keep reading!

What is a Blackstone Griddle?

This amazing gadget is perfect for grilling, frying, searing, and other tasks. Thanks to its thick, heavy-duty steel construction and adjustable temperature settings, you can achieve the desired cooking temperature with ease.

Plus, it’s portable, so you can take it with you wherever you go, indoors or outdoors. With the Blackstone Griddle, delicious meals are just a few clicks away.

What is Modding?

Modding your Blackstone 36 griddle is a great way to make it work for you.

Whether you want to add a cover or grease management system, or replace existing parts with better-performing ones, modding allows you to customize your griddle to suit your exact needs.

You can also upgrade the griddle surface, add burners and attachments, and even install lighting and other features that will make cooking easier and more enjoyable.

With modding, you can create a griddle that is tailored to your individual requirements and makes cooking faster and more enjoyable.

Why Should You Mod a 36 inch Blackstone Griddle?

Are you a proud owner of a 36-inch Blackstone Griddle? Then you should consider upgrading it! Modifying your Blackstone griddle can be incredibly beneficial in many ways.

For starters, you’ll have more cooking space to play with.

This means you can easily prepare larger meals or multiple dishes at once. Additionally, the improved heat distribution ensures that all the food is cooked evenly and thoroughly.

Temperature control has also been increased, so you can adjust the temperature of different parts of the griddle to make sure every dish is cooked perfectly.

Plus, for even more versatility, you can add accessories to your Blackstone griddle, such as a cover or an additional burner.

Best of all, modifying your Blackstone griddle is an affordable way to upgrade your cooking experience and make it even more enjoyable.

How to Season a 36 inch Blackstone Griddle

If you own a 36-inch Blackstone griddle, you know that it requires special care to keep it in pristine condition. Seasoning your griddle is an essential part of maintaining its non-stick surface and preventing rust, sticking food, and other damage.

Here are five easy steps to season your Blackstone griddle like a pro.

Preheat the griddle

To begin seasoning your griddle, preheat it to 375 degrees Fahrenheit for ten minutes. This will help the oil soak into the metal surface better and create a durable non-stick coating.

Apply Oil

Once heated, spread a thin layer of cooking oil or fat over the entire surface of the griddle with a paper towel or cloth. Allow the oil to heat up for 5 minutes before adding another thin layer of oil. Repeat this process until you have applied 3–4 layers of oil.

Waiting and Cooling

After applying all layers of oil, turn off the fire and let the griddle cool completely before using it again. This cooling process helps ensure that all excess oils are absorbed into the metal surface and results in a more durable non-stick coating.

Excess oil should be cleaned and wiped away

Once cooled, wipe away any excess oil with paper towels or a cloth to ensure that only a thin layer remains on the surface of your grill. This will help prevent food from sticking during cooking and make cleanup much easier after use.

Repeat Process

For best results, it’s important to season your griddle before and after each use. Repeat this procedure 2-3 times per month or as often as needed to maintain your griddle’s health. Following these guidelines will assist you in creating and maintaining a nonstick surface that is easy to clean and looks great.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Mod a 36 inch Blackstone Griddle

Modding your griddle is a simple process that can be done in just a few steps.

Start by giving your griddle a good scrub to remove any dirt or grease. Then, measure and mark the desired area for modification. Cut along the marked lines with either a jigsaw or angle grinder. After that, sand down the edges of the cut to ensure they are even and smooth.

Now you can get creative. Drill holes in the modified area for attaching screws or bolts so you can add accessories like a cover, grill, or smoker box. Finally, season your new masterpiece before using it and enjoying all of its enhanced features.

Can I Turn My Blackstone Griddle into a Grill?

Convert your Blackstone Griddle into a grill with just a few pieces of equipment and some modifications! All you need is a grill grate, a heat shield, charcoal or wood chips, and some handy drilling skills.

First, drill holes in the side of the griddle so that the heat shield can be securely attached. Next, add the grill grate and heat shield to protect your griddle from high temperatures. Finally, add charcoal or wood chips for fuel.

Once these steps are complete, it’s time to get cooking! To ensure your griddle stays safe from damage caused by high temperatures, be sure to season it before use. Now that your Blackstone Griddle has been transformed into a grill, get ready for some delicious meals!

Can I Add a Cover to My Blackstone Griddle?

Do you love using your Blackstone griddle? If so, you may have wondered if it’s possible to add a cover. The answer is yes! Adding a cover to your Blackstone griddle will help keep it safe and dry when not in use.

Depending on the size and shape of your griddle, you have several options.If you have a 36 inch model, you can purchase a custom-made cover designed specifically for your exact model. These covers often come with straps or handles for easy transportation.

For those on a budget, there are other options available. You can use a heavy-duty tarp or an old blanket or sheet to protect your griddle from dust, dirt, and other debris when it’s not in use. These items are inexpensive yet still provide superior protection for your Blackstone griddle.

Adding a cover to your Blackstone griddle is an easy way to keep it looking like new and extend its life for years to come.

Pros and Cons of Modding Your 36 inch Blackstone Griddle

Modding can be an excellent way to make cooking more convenient and enjoyable. However, it’s important to consider the pros and cons before embarking on this journey.

On the plus side, modding your griddle allows you to tailor it to your specific needs and preferences. Accessories such as a griddle cover or grease management system can help make cooking faster and cleanup easier.

On the other hand, there are some drawbacks to keep in mind. The process can be costly and time-consuming, as you may need additional tools and supplies in order to complete the modding process.

Furthermore, it could void any warranties that came with the griddle, as modding it could damage it or cause it to malfunction.

Before deciding whether or not to modify your Blackstone 36-inch griddle, make sure you weigh all of the pros and cons carefully. Consider all of the variables so that you get the most out of your cooking experience.

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Modding your Blackstone 36-inch griddle is a simple way to do just that. With a few changes, you can create more cooking space, improve heat distribution, and even add accessories such as a cover or an additional burner.

Plus, with proper seasoning and care, you’ll keep your griddle in top shape for years to come.

Modding your Blackstone 36-inch griddle will make every meal more enjoyable and delectable! Take the plunge today and start creating delicious meals with ease.

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