What to do if a Blackstone Griddle igniter is not working?

Are you having trouble getting your Blackstone Griddle to light up? You’re not alone! Many griddle owners face the same igniter problem. But don’t worry, there are several ways to get it working again.

In this blog post, we’ll explore what to do if a Blackstone Griddle igniter isn’t working. From troubleshooting the igniter itself to wiping the burners and checking the gas supply, we’ll help you get back to griddling in no time.

Whether you’re a newbie or an experienced chef, let’s get started.


What is a Griddle Igniter?

Griddle igniters are a crucial element of any griddle, and come in all shapes and sizes. These small, battery-powered devices emit sparks when the button or switch is pressed, igniting the gas molecules which then light the burner. Generally, they are located at the back of the griddle near the gas line connection.

To ensure your griddle is working safely and efficiently, it’s important to check that your griddle igniter is functioning properly. To do this, simply press the button or switch and wait for a spark. If there is no spark, it may be time to invest in a new griddle igniter.

You can find griddle igniters in most hardware stores or online stores. For best results, make sure to purchase one that is compatible with your make and model of the griddle.

Common Causes of an Igniter Not Working

If your igniter isn’t working, there are only a few common causes to investigate.

A faulty igniter is the most likely culprit. This could be due to a worn-out spark plug, clogged ignition chamber, or malfunctioning switch. Replacing the spark plug or cleaning out the ignition chamber should do the trick.

If your griddle has an electronic starter, it may need to be replaced if the battery is low or dead. Low batteries can prevent the spark from reaching the flame and causing it to ignite.

Check these common causes first when troubleshooting your griddle’s igniter not working.

Troubleshooting the Problem

Don’t worry – troubleshooting the problem is easy! Here are some steps to help get your griddle going again.

First, check the battery. Most Blackstone Griddles use a 9-volt battery, and if it’s dead, the igniter won’t work.

Next, look for blockages in the gas line or at the burner itself. These can block the gas from reaching the igniter and cause it to malfunction.

Also, make sure all of the connections between the igniter and gas line are firmly secured. Loose wires can prevent proper ignition from taking place.

If all else fails, you may need to replace your Blackstone Griddle igniter with a new one. This can be done quickly with some basic tools and knowledge of how to do it safely.

Finally, if your Blackstone Griddle doesn’t have an igniter, you’ll need to manually light it using a long match or lighter.

Does a Blackstone Igniter Have a Battery?

The answer is no. Instead of a battery, the igniter is powered by a spark generator connected to the gas supply line. This spark generator uses electricity from the gas supply to create a spark that lights the burner.

If your Blackstone Griddle igniter isn’t working, the first step is to check the spark generator. It could be faulty or in need of replacement.

If it’s functioning correctly, then you should look for any blockages or obstructions in the gas line that could be preventing the proper flow of gas to the burner.

In summary, a Blackstone Griddle does not have a battery in its igniter; instead, it has a spark generator connected to the gas supply line.

If your igniter isn’t working properly, make sure to check both the spark ignition and any potential blockages in the gas line before attempting further troubleshooting steps.

What to do if a Blackstone Griddle igniter is not working?

Check the Battery

If your Blackstone Griddle igniter is not working, the first thing you should do is check the battery.

Make sure that the battery is securely in place and that it is not dead. If the battery is dead, you will need to replace it with a new one. You can also try to reset the igniter by removing and reinserting the battery.

If this does not work, then you may need to look at other possible solutions.

Clean the Igniter

Another possible solution to a non-working Blackstone Griddle igniter is to clean it.

This can be done by using a damp cloth or paper towel to wipe away any dirt or debris that may be blocking the spark from reaching the gas.

Additionally, you can check for any clogs in the igniter itself and remove them if necessary. Cleaning the igniter regularly can help prevent problems in the future.

Check for Gas Leaks

If cleaning the igniter does not solve your problem, then you may need to check for any gas leaks in your Blackstone Griddle.

To do this, turn off all of the burners and then light a match near each of them. If there is a leak, you will see a flame near one of them.

If this is the case, you will need to have it repaired or replaced as soon as possible.

Contact Customer Service

If none of these solutions work, then your best bet is to contact Blackstone Griddle customer service.

They will be able to provide further assistance and advice on how to get your igniter working again.

They may even be able to send out a technician if needed. In any case, contacting customer service is always a good idea if you are having trouble with your Blackstone Griddle igniter.

How to Replace an Igniter on a Blackstone Griddle

Replacing an igniter on a Blackstone Griddle is a simple task that can be completed with the right tools and knowledge. In this blog post, we’ll show you how to replace an igniter in just a few easy steps.

Disconnect Power Source

The first step in replacing an igniter is to disconnect the power source from your griddle. This will prevent any accidental shocks while you’re working on it.

Loosen Screws and Remove Old Igniter

Once the power source has been disconnected, open the lid and use a screwdriver to loosen the screws that hold the igniter in place. Carefully remove the old igniter from its housing and discard it safely.

Install New Igniter

Now, install the new igniter by connecting it to its housing and securing it with screws. Make sure all of the screws are tightly fastened so they don’t come loose when using your griddle.

Reconnect Power Source and Test Igniter

Once all of the screws have been tightened, reconnect the battery source and test your new igniter for proper operation by pressing down on it and ensuring that it lights up correctly. If everything looks good, you can put the lid back on and start cooking!

So, replacing an igniter on a Blackstone Griddle is easier than you may think! With some basic tools and knowledge, you can have your griddle up and running in no time. So if your griddle isn’t firing correctly, don’t worry—replacing an igniter is straightforward!

How to Manually Light a Blackstone Griddle

Manually Lighting a Blackstone Griddle

Manually lighting a blackstone griddle is a simple process that can be accomplished in a few steps. Before you start, make sure the griddle is turned off and the fire is out. Additionally, ensure that the gas valve located behind the griddle is open and that there are no obstructions or debris. Have a long-handled lighter or match nearby to get ready to light up your griddle.

Lighting the Griddle

When it comes time to light your Blackstone Griddle, place the lighter or match near the burner opening and press down on the control knob. Remember to keep your hand away from any open flames, as they can cause burns if you are too close.

When you see a flame, release the knob to shut off the gas flow. If you do not see a flame after pressing down on the knob, repeat steps 3 and 4 until you have success in lighting up your griddle.

Adjusting Heat Levels

Now that your Blackstone Griddle is lit, adjust the heat settings based on the type of food you’re cooking.

To reach your desired temperature, gradually turn up or down your heat settings as needed. Make sure to check often when cooking since griddles can heat quickly and unevenly.

It’s also important to remove any unused burners or valves so they do not get too hot during cooking time.

Safety Considerations

When manually lighting a Blackstone Griddle, safety should always come first.

Keep all flammable items, such as paper towels, cloths, oven mitts, etc., away from open flames at all times, as they can quickly catch fire if left unchecked and cause significant damage.

Furthermore, never leave an unattended burner on for extended periods of time, as this will cause your griddle and kitchen area to overheat.

Last Resort Option

Manually lighting a Blackstone Griddle should only be done as a last resort if your igniter isn’t working properly due to wear and tear over time, clogged fuel lines, etc.

In this case, it would be best to speak with an experienced technician who will be able to diagnose any underlying issues with your griddle before attempting manual ignition at home without the correct knowledge and techniques.

Tips for Maintaining Your Griddle’s Igniter

Keeping your Blackstone Griddle’s igniter in optimal condition is essential for its proper functioning. To ensure that your griddle is always ready to go, here are 8 tips for maintaining your griddle’s igniter.

Inspect the Igniter

Regularly check the igniter for any signs of wear and tear, such as corrosion or discoloration. This will help you identify any risks or issues early on so that you can take action before they become bigger problem.

Clean the Igniter

Remove any debris or dust from the igniter by wiping it down with a damp cloth regularly. This will help ensure that the igniter is operating safely and efficiently at all times.

Replace the Igniter

If the igniter is old or broken, make sure to replace it with a new one manufactured by the manufacturer as soon as possible.

Check Batteries

Check the battery in the igniter periodically and replace it if needed to keep your griddle running smoothly and safely.

Secure Connections

Inspect the griddle’s electrical connections to make sure they are secure and not loose or disconnected in any manner.

Fuel Type

Make sure to use the correct type of fuel for your griddle; too high or too low a gas flow rate can affect how your griddle’s igniter performs over time.


Keep your griddle free of grease buildup to avoid long-term issues with the performance and efficiency of your griddle’s igniter.

Manual Lighting

If all else fails, you may need to manually light your Blackstone Griddle using a lighter or matchstick until you can get a new igniter installed or have it repaired by a professional technician if necessary.

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Don’t panic if your Blackstone Griddle won’t light up! There are a few simple steps to get it working again. From troubleshooting the fire to wiping the burners and checking the gas supply, you’ll be back in business in no time.

It’s important to check that your griddle igniter is functioning properly for safe and efficient cooking.

Common causes of an igniter not working include a defective spark plug or switch, low batteries in electronic starters, or blockages in the gas line or burner itself.

Replacing an igniter on a Blackstone Griddle is achievable with basic tools and experience. If your griddle doesn’t have an igniter, you can manually light it with a long match or lighter; just remember to take all necessary safety precautions!

Keep your griddle’s fire blazing by regularly checking and cleaning it, replacing worn-out parts, and using the correct type of fuel for optimal results. Now you’re ready to cook like a pro on your Blackstone Griddle.


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