What is Super Smoke on Traeger Grill?

What is Super Smoke on Traeger Grill?

Super Smoke makes outdoor grilling easier and more enjoyable.

Their proprietary technology builds into the pellet burning system to generate stunningly smooth tasting smoke. The mechanism is built into each pellet, and the process of adding oil to the pellets and firing them up is extremely simple.

So, what is super smoke on traeger grill?

The super smoke on your Traeger grill is a pellet that infuses your meat with the sweet flavor of mesquite and hickory wood.

It’s smokeless, so it won’t impart any undesirable flavors into your food. However, it does have a very distinct flavor that you may want to adjust, depending on your tastes.

For example, some people like a more subtle flavor, so they prefer to add a little mesquite pellets to the grill before cooking.

Others prefer a more pronounced flavor, so they add a lot of mesquite pellets before cooking.


What is Super Smoke on Traeger Grill?

Super Smoke is a seasoning that is specially formulated for Traeger Grills.

It adds a delicious smoky flavor to anything you cook on a Traeger Grill. It’s easy to use and it adds a lot of flavor to whatever you cook.

Super Smoke has a subtle smoky flavor and a mild kick of heat. It’s perfect for flavoring steaks, veggies, and even dessert.

Super Smoke is great for people who like a smoky flavor but want their food to still have some spice. Overall, Super Smoke is delicious and easy to use.

What are the primary characteristics of Super Smoke Technology?

At lower temperatures, the smoker creates a very clean tasting smoke that imparts a pleasant, mild smoke flavor and very little heat to the food.

At higher temperatures, the smoker creates an outside layer of smoke that helps to give your food a delicious smoky flavor.

This is the more desired temperature because it produces a very nice outside layer of smoke and a nice level of heat on the meat.

When you lift the lid of a smoker at normal temperatures, you get an intense burst of heat and light – not a good thing when you’re eating a meal.

Does Traeger Super Smoke Work?

Yes, the Traeger Super Smoke is extremely effective and it produces excellent results.

Many grillers have the misconception that while the Traeger is heating the meat and adding the smoke to it, it magically starts to cook as well.

Instead, you should be aware that the wood pellets need to be preheated on the grill and the heating process can take up to a full hour before you can put it back on the grill.

So, if you want to cook your meat as quickly as possible, you are better off cooking the meat directly on the grill griddle and skip the pre-heating step.

Traeger Super Smoke Seasoning is the newest flavor in the Traeger lineup of pellet flavors.

It is a powerful fusion of mesquite and hickory flavors that will give your food a bold yet balanced smokiness that will make your taste buds stand up and take notice.

This imparts a more smokey taste to your food and gives it a deeper earthy aroma.

Always keep in mind that the smoking process takes time to complete so be patient.

Which Traeger Grills Have The Super Smoke Setting?

The Professional Series

This series is available in two sizes: the 575 B and the 780B. The most popular model is the 575B, which features a 6-in-1 cooking system that can grill, smoke, roast, bake, braise, or BBQ.

Many grillers also like the 780B because it has the convection microwave, which lets you roast and smoke at the same time.

The Silverton 650

This model includes a 650 sq. in. cooking area and a 20 lb. hopper and smoker basket.

The 650 contains a grilling area that is 363 sq. in. and an internal heat shield makes theeñar more efficient and safer.

The New Timberline 850

This model has 850 sq. in. of grilling space that is big enough to cook for a lot of people at once. It also has a 6-in-1 cooking system that can bake, BBQ, grill, roast, smoke, and perform rotisserie cooking.

The Elite Series Treager Grills

This series includes the 1300, which has over 1300 sq. in. of cooking space and a convection oven. It has large ceramic grill grates, a heavy-duty metal cart and an exclusive pellet burner.

The Ironwood Series

This grill series includes the 650, which has a cooking space of 650 sq. in. and a porcelain coated grill rack.

The Ironwood also boasts a 15 lb capacity hopper and a chrome plated warming rack.

The Timberline Series

This grill series is available in two sizes: the 1300 and the 1400. It has a large cooking space of over 1,300 sq. in., a low-grate cooking surface that is durable, and an exclusive pellet burner.

The Timberline also has a deluxe outer body and a heavy-duty cart.

How to Get More Smoke out of Your Traeger Grill

Ensure That the Lid Is Closed When Cooking

You should also make certain to close the lid when smoking so that more smoke can accumulate in the firebox and cook the food thoroughly.

While the meat is smoking, it will also retain more moisture because it remains sealed inside.

Use Smaller Pieces of Meat

Smaller pieces of meat will take longer to cook than larger pieces of meat because it is more difficult for heat to reach the center of smaller pieces of meat.

As a result, it will take longer for the smoke to penetrate deeper into the meat so that it can be properly cooked.

If you want your meat to be cooked properly, it should be cooked until the internal temperature reaches at least160 degrees Fahrenheit at the thickest part.

Utilize a Pellet Smoker Tube

You might also try utilizing a smoker tube to increase the smoke output of your Traeger Grill.

Fill the pellet tube smoker with water and place one end of the tube in the firebox so that it fills up with smoke and flavor from the burning pellets.

This may be used to supplement the smoke that is produced by the firebox when you are smoking your food and it will add more flavor to your food as well.

Depending on the conditions, a pellet smoker tube can release up to twice as much smoke as the firebox alone will without one.

Use Only High-Quality Wood Pellets

You may experiment with several different types of wood pellets to find those that work best with your Traeger Grill but for best results, you should only use high-quality wood pellets.

Some hardwood pellets, such as Traeger’s Signature Blend, are specially formulated for Traeger Grills and they will give your food a deep, rich taste with a subtle smoke flavor.

While certain pellets are particularly formulated to work with certain models of grills, you should use high-quality wood pellets with any type of pellet grill for the best flavor and the best results.

Allow Smokers More Time

Allowing the smoke more time to impart the smokey flavor to the food will also give you better results.

This may be accomplished by simply cooking your food longer by heating the smoker to a higher temperature.

To effectively smoke food, you need to cook it in a closed environment because the smoke needs to be able to accumulate inside and cook the food properly without letting outside air in.

The air temperature can rise quite rapidly in a small enclosed space and the heated air can agitate the smoke particles inside of the firebox and this can lead to problems, such as ash accumulation or flare ups.

This is usually done at higher temperatures, which can affect the cooking time and the temperature of the finished meal.

Depending on what you’re cooking and your personal preferences, you may find that it takes longer to cook foods at a higher temperature to get the same smoky flavor at a lower temperature.

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The Traeger Super Smoke is a terrific fusion of Traeger’s original Premium Blend and Mesquite BBQ Blend, which is a blend of hickory and mesquite flavors.

It not only adds another layer to the taste of your food but also gives it an unmistakable smoky taste that is unrivaled by other grills.

The greatest aspect about this technique is that it works with most any grill but it is especially effective with a pellet grill like Traeger.

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