How to Store Your Blackstone Griddle?

Do you have a Blackstone Griddle and want to keep it in tip-top shape for years to come? Don’t worry – storing your griddle doesn’t have to be difficult. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the best ways to store your Blackstone Griddle.

We’ll cover how to clean it after each use, how to oil the surface before storage, and what materials are best for storing it. Follow these steps and you can rest assured that your griddle is always ready for use and looks great too.

First things first: cleaning your griddle after each use. Scrape off any excess grease or food residue before wiping down the surface with a damp cloth and light detergent. Once the griddle is clean and dry, move on to oiling the surface.

Oiling your Blackstone Griddle helps prevent rusting and corrosion while in storage, as well as sticking food when making it for the first time. To oil the surface, spread a thin layer of vegetable oil with a paper towel or clean cloth. Let the oil sit for 10-15 minutes before wiping away any excess with another paper towel or cloth.

By following these simple guidelines, you can ensure that your Blackstone Griddle is stored properly and remains in top condition for years to come. So get out there and start cooking delicious meals on your Blackstone Griddle today.


Why You Should Store Your Blackstone Griddle Properly

When it comes to owning a Blackstone griddle, proper storage is essential in order to protect your investment and ensure that it remains in optimal condition. Here are some reasons why you should store your Blackstone griddle properly:

To prevent rust and corrosion

Exposure to the elements can quickly cause rust and corrosion, which can damage the quality of your griddle and potentially lead to health concerns when cooking on it.

To extend its lifespan

Proper storage will shield your Blackstone griddle from harsh weather conditions, moisture, and dirt, helping it last longer.

To save space

Storing your griddle indoors will free up space in your backyard, garage, or patio – especially if you have a small space.

To avoid accidents

Leaving your griddle outside can be hazardous as someone may trip over it or accidentally bump into it.

Where to Store Your Blackstone Griddle

When it comes to storing your Blackstone griddle, you’ll want to make sure it is kept in a safe and secure location. Ideally, the best place to store your griddle is indoors in a dry, cool place.

If you have limited indoor storage space, you can also consider storing it in a garage or shed that is well-ventilated. Before storing your griddle, make sure to wipe down the surface with a clean, dry cloth to remove any dirt, grease or debris. This will protect the griddle from rust and other damage during storage.

If you’re storing your griddle for an extended period of time, consider treating it with a protective coating using a food-grade wax or oil that will help prevent rust and other damage while the griddle is in storage.

When storing your Blackstone griddle outdoors, invest in a heavy-duty cover specifically designed for Blackstone griddles that will shield it from rain, snow and other harsh weather conditions. Additionally, make sure that your griddle is secure when stored outdoors by using a locking mechanism or chain to attach it to a nearby fence or other sturdy structure.

How to Clean Your Blackstone Griddle Before Storage

Cleaning your Blackstone griddle before storage is essential to ensure its longevity and keep it in good condition for its next use. To make sure your griddle is ready to go when you need it, follow these simple steps:

Scrape Off Excess Food and Food Particles

The first step in cleaning your griddle is to scrape off any excess debris or food particles with a metal spatula. You can also use a scraper specifically designed for blackstone griddles to make this process easier. Be sure to remove any stubborn, burnt-on debris as well.

Apply Cooking Oil

Once you’ve scuffed all of the garbage, it’s time to apply a thin layer of cooking oil to the griddle’s surface. During storage, this will help prevent it from rusting and other similar damage. Pour a small amount of oil onto the surface and use a griddle scraper or cleaning pad to distribute it evenly across the entire surface. Once you’ve applied the oil, heat up your griddle on high for a few minutes so it ‘bakes’ into the surface, giving you a durable coating that will last through your storage period.

Wipe Down the Surface

To wipe down the surface of your grill, use a damp cloth or paper towel. Make sure to clean any excess oil or rubble from both ends of your reversible griddle; you don’t want any residue to get stuck between. If desired, you can also use a mild soap solution, but be sure to rinse the griddle thoroughly afterwards so as not to leave behind any soap residue.

Store In A Safe Location

It’s important that you store your Blackstone griddle in a safe location so as not to cause any harm during storage. If you’re planning on storing your griddle outside, be sure to cover it with a protective shield so as not to expose it to moisture and other elements that could cause rust or other types of harm. If you’re looking for an indoor solution, consider placing it on a shelf or in a storage container where it will remain safe and secure until reuse.

Step-by-Step Instructions on How to Store Your Blackstone Griddle

Properly storing your Blackstone Griddle is essential for keeping it in excellent condition and extending its lifespan. Follow this step-by-step guide to ensure that your griddle is always ready for the next feast.

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Clean the Griddle

Let the griddle cool before beginning the cleaning process. Use a scraper or spatula to remove any excess grease, food debris, or oil. Then, use a paper towel or soft cloth to wipe down the surface.

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Protect the Griddle Surface

To prevent rusting, spray the griddle surface with an oil spray or cooking oil. This will create a barrier between the metal surface and air. You can also cover it with a non-abrasive cloth or towel.

Cover and Store the Griddle

Cover your griddle with an outdoor cover that is designed for outdoor use and won’t trap moisture. If you don’t have an authentic Blackstone Griddle Cover, you can use any moisture-resistant wrap such as a heavy-duty tarp, plastic sheet, or shed.

Store in a Dry and Secure Place

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Store your Blackstone Griddle in a dry and secure place like a garage, basement, or storage shed. Avoid storing it in areas that could be exposed to humidity or extreme temperatures. Additionally, make sure to secure the griddle in its storage place to prevent it from tipping over or being damaged.

The Benefits of Using a Cover for Your Blackstone Griddle

When it comes to protecting your Blackstone griddle, using a cover is an essential step. Not only will it shield your griddle from rain, snow, and other environmental factors that could cause rust or other damage, but it can also keep insects and other pests away when it’s stored outdoors. Plus, a cover will help keep the griddle clean and free of dust, debris, and other particles that accumulate over time.

It’s important to use a cover specifically designed for use with Blackstone griddles for the best fit and protection. Think of it like putting on a coat before heading outside – you want to make sure you’re shielded from the elements. This simple step can extend the life of your griddle and ensure that it remains in good condition for years to come.

Using a cover when storing your Blackstone griddle is a smart way to protect your investment and keep your griddle in top shape.

What Type of Cover Should You Use?

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For optimal protection of your beloved Blackstone Griddle, investing in a high-quality cover is essential. Not only will it shield your griddle from harsh environmental factors, but it will also keep pesky insects away. But with so many covers on the market, how do you choose the right one?

The key is to find a cover that is custom-fitted to your griddle’s measurements and made of durable material such as polyester or vinyl. It should also have UV protection and be water resistant to protect against rain, snow, and humidity. Reinforced stitching for added strength and adjustable straps for a secure fit are also important features to look for.

However, simply covering your Blackstone Griddle isn’t enough; you must also clean it thoroughly before storing and make sure it is completely dry to prevent rust and corrosion. Consider relocating it to a dry, covered area such as a garage or shed rather than leaving it outdoors for an extra layer of protection from the elements and extended life of your griddle.

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Tips and Tricks for Storing Your Blackstone Griddle

If so, you’ve come to the right place. Storing your griddle correctly is essential to ensuring it lasts for many years. Here are 5 tips and tricks to help you store your Blackstone griddle properly.

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Clean Your Griddle Before Storage

Before storing your Blackstone griddle, make sure it’s clean of any food residue or debris. Use a scraper or spatula to remove any remaining food particles, and a paper towel or cloth to wipe the surface clean. Once cleaned, season your griddle with a light coat of cooking oil to prevent rust and corrosion.

Store Indoors

It’s best to store your Blackstone griddle indoors in a warm, dry place during the winter months. This will protect it from moisture and rust while also extending its lifespan. Consider storing it in a garage, storage room, or basement where the temperature is regulated.

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Use a Griddle Cover

Investing in a griddle cover is an excellent way to protect your Blackstone griddle from dust, dirt, and debris when not in use. You can purchase a cover specifically designed for your griddle, or use any waterproof and breathable cover that fits it. The cover will also help prevent scratches and dings that may occur during storage.

Place in an Outdoor Storage Container

If indoor storage isn’t available, you can store your Blackstone griddle in an outdoor storage container such as a shed or waterproof box. Ensure the container is waterproof and wind-resistant so condensation doesn’t build up inside and cause damage to the unit over time.

Use a Dehumidifier System

When storing your Blackstone griddle outdoors, consider investing in a dehumidifier unit to regulate humidity levels inside the container and prevent moisture from damaging the unit over time.

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You can ensure your Blackstone Griddle remains in top condition for years to come by following a few simple steps. Sweep the griddle after each use and invest in a high-quality cover to protect it from rust and other damage.

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