Blackstone Griddle Warping

Blackstone Griddle Warping

These griddles work to perfectly cook pancakes or any other flat, round food.

Since their surface isn’t as large and flat as a conventional kitchen griddle, they’re perfect for compact kitchens. The stainless steel construction of these models makes them sturdy and easy to clean.

So, do blackstone griddle warp? The short answer to the title question is “no.”

However, the longer answer is a little more complicated. You see, the griddles made by Blackstone are cast iron griddles.

Cast iron griddles are notorious for warping, as they’re made in a foundry. However, Blackstone griddles are made by coating cast iron with enamel.

This enamel coating prevents the griddles from warping, so they’re less likely to warp than other cast iron griddles. That being said, Blackstone griddles are not indestructible.

In fact, they warp just as easily as any other cast iron griddles. So, while Blackstone griddles might not warp as much as other cast iron griddles, they still warp.


Do Blackstone Griddles warp?

Because Blackstone Griddles are made of cast iron, they are prone to warping.

Cast iron is a fairly soft metal that can warp over time. This means that over time, as people use the griddles to cook different kinds of foods, the cast iron can warp.

This causes the griddles to become warped in a way that makes cooking on them difficult. In fact, the warped surface of the griddle makes it more difficult to cook anything on it at all.

Warped surfaces also make it harder to clean the surface of the skillet after cooking with it.

Why Does Your Blackstone Griddle Get Warped?

If your blackstone griddle warps, what can you do?

The best way to stop a warped griddle from warping is to remove the cooking area from the stove and soak it in water. This keeps the heat from drying out the skillet.

Towel dry the skillet, and it should be flatter and less likely to warp in the future.

If the skillet continues to warp after you’ve soaked it for over 10 minutes, simply throw it in the dishwasher.

Never use a steel spatula on a warped blackstone griddle.

While the griddle is cooking, you can use a steel spatula to turn the pancakes or other foods. This should be safe with any cast iron griddle. However, if the griddle is warped, you may accidentally scrape the warp with the spatula as it cooks. This is certain to warp the skillet even more.

How to Protect a Blackstone Griddle?

The following measures can be put in place to prevent your grill from warping: Remove the grill from the stove whenever you’re not using it.

First, don’t let the grill get hot while it’s sitting in the cabinet or on the counter, because then it’s liable to crack or chip from the heat of the stove.

Don’t heat it any more than you would any other cast iron skillet.

Next, stay away from pouring cold liquids onto the surface of your grill because it can cause cracks to form in the enamel finish.

Is It Normal for a Blackstone Griddle to Warp?

Yes, given that Blackstone Griddles are made out of cast-iron material, it’s normal for them to eventually begin to show visible signs of wear and tear.

Blackstone griddles are also more malleable than cast-iron pans. Because of this, your Blackstone Griddles are more likely to warp than most other cast-iron pans.

Can You Fix an Warped Blackstone Griddle?

Over time, the warped surface becomes quite thin, and a skillet will no longer work properly.

If your skillet warps too much or becomes too thin, simply discard it and buy a new one. It’s really not worth trying to fix a rusted-out old pan; it just won’t be worth it in the end.

How Do You Stop Blackstone Griddle From Warping?

The easiest method to prevent a blackstone griddle from warping is to keep it out of the heat as much as possible. Your best option is to store your griddle in a dry cabinet, away from any heat sources.

You can also store your griddle in the refrigerator, which will also keep it from warping. However, the temperature in the refrigerator can damage the enamel finish on your Blackstone Griddle.

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Final Words

Blackstone Griddles inherently warp to varying degrees over time; this is a natural result of being made of cast iron.

This happens frequently the thicker you cook with the pan, so if you’re only using the pan for light frying and grilling purposes, you shouldn’t experience much, if any, warping at all.

But preventing severe warping on your blackstone grill is best achieved by keeping it out of the heat as much as possible when not in use.

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