Can you convert a propane griddle to natural gas?

Are you a grill master who loves the thrill of cooking outdoors? Do you crave that irresistible smoky flavor in your food? If you’re thinking about switching from propane to natural gas as your primary fuel source, you may be wondering if it’s possible to convert your trusty propane griddle.

Well, the good news is that converting your propane griddle to natural gas is not only possible but also relatively easy. But before you dive into the conversion process headfirst, there are a few things you need to know to ensure a safe and successful transition.

In this blog post, we’ll cover everything from the differences between propane and natural gas to what conversion kits are available and how they work. We’ll also explore the benefits of using natural gas over propane and any potential downsides that come with it.

Whether you’re a seasoned grill master or just starting out, read on to learn all about converting your propane griddle to natural gas. With our expert tips, you’ll be cooking up mouth-watering meals in no time.


Overview of Propane Griddles

They are widely used in commercial kitchens, food trucks, and outdoor cooking areas. Unlike natural gas griddles, propane griddles use propane gas as their primary fuel source. In this article, we will provide an overview of propane griddles, discussing their advantages and disadvantages compared to natural gas griddles.

Advantages of Propane Griddles

  • Convenience and Portability: Propane griddles are highly portable and easy to set up and use. They can be used virtually anywhere, making them ideal for outdoor cooking.
  • Versatility: Propane griddles are versatile and can cook various types of food, including burgers, pancakes, eggs, and vegetables. They can also cook large quantities of food at once, making them suitable for commercial kitchens and catering events.
  • Availability: Propane tanks are widely available, making it easy for users to refill their tanks or exchange them for full ones. This makes propane griddles a convenient option for those who do not have access to natural gas.

Disadvantages of Propane Griddles

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  • Cost: Propane is generally more expensive than natural gas, which can add up over time if you use your griddle frequently.
  • Environmental Impact: Propane is a fossil fuel that produces greenhouse gases when burned. While propane griddles are more environmentally friendly than charcoal grills, they are not as eco-friendly as natural gas grills.
  • Conversion Process: Converting a propane griddle to natural gas can be complicated and requires specialized equipment and expertise. It may also void the warranty of your appliance if done incorrectly.

It is essential to note that not all propane griddles can be converted to natural gas. Some models have specific designs or components that make them incompatible with natural gas. Therefore, users should consult the manufacturer’s instructions or seek professional advice before attempting to convert their propane griddle to natural gas.

Benefits of Converting to Natural Gas

Not to mention the environmental impact that comes with using propane. Well, fear not. Converting your propane griddle to natural gas is a solution that can save you money and help reduce your carbon footprint.

Let’s discuss the cost savings. Natural gas is cheaper than propane, meaning that converting your griddle to natural gas could save you a significant amount of money in the long run. And unlike propane prices, which can vary greatly depending on supply and demand, natural gas prices remain more stable and less subject to fluctuations.

But it’s not just about saving money – it’s also about being environmentally responsible. Natural gas is a cleaner-burning fuel than propane and produces fewer greenhouse gas emissions, making it a better option for those who are conscious about their carbon footprint. By switching to natural gas, you can do your part in reducing emissions and protecting the planet.

And let’s not forget about the convenience factor. Natural gas is supplied through a pipeline directly to your home or business, which means no more frequent refills or replacement of tanks. You can cook up a storm on your griddle without worrying about running out of fuel.

Lastly, converting to natural gas can increase the value of your property. Homebuyers are attracted to properties that have natural gas connections as it is a more desirable and convenient option for heating and cooking appliances. So not only will you benefit from the cost savings and environmental benefits, but you’ll also be adding value to your property.

What You Need to Convert a Propane Griddle to Natural Gas

Whatever your reasons may be, converting your propane griddle to natural gas is a wise decision that can save you money and help protect the environment. But what exactly do you need to make this conversion happen?

The first item on your list should be a conversion kit, which includes all the necessary components for the switch from propane to natural gas. This typically includes new burners, valves, and hoses that are specifically designed for your griddle model. It is crucial to ensure that you have the correct conversion kit to avoid any complications or issues during the installation process.

In addition to the conversion kit, you will also need access to a natural gas supply. This can either be in the form of a natural gas line that runs to your home or business, or a propane-to-natural-gas conversion kit that connects your griddle to a natural gas tank. However, it is essential to note that this step should only be handled by a licensed professional. Gas work can be dangerous if not done correctly, so don’t take any risks.

Lastly, you will need some basic tools such as a wrench and screwdriver to remove the old propane burners and install the new natural gas burners. These tools are easy to find and use, so don’t worry if you’re not a DIY expert.

Step-by-Step Guide to Convert a Propane Griddle to Natural Gas

Look no further than converting your propane griddle to natural gas. While the process may seem daunting, with the right equipment and steps, it can be done easily and safely. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you complete the conversion process.

  • Step 1: Ensure your griddle is compatible with natural gas. Some manufacturers make griddles that are dual-fuel compatible, while others require specific conversion kits. Check your owner’s manual or contact the manufacturer to confirm compatibility.
  • Step 2: Turn off the propane supply and disconnect the tank from your griddle.

    • Step 3: Remove the propane regulator and replace it with a natural gas regulator. The natural gas regulator reduces the high pressure of the gas coming into your griddle from a gas line to a lower pressure that is safe for cooking.
    • Step 4: Run a natural gas line to your griddle. This step may require hiring a professional plumber or gas fitter to ensure that the installation meets local codes and regulations. It’s important to use approved materials and fittings for the natural gas line installation.
    • Step 5: Connect the natural gas line to your griddle’s natural gas regulator. Make sure all connections are tight and secure before turning on the gas supply.

    Step 6: Conduct a leak test before using your griddle to ensure there are no gas leaks present.

  • Step 7: Adjust the burners on your griddle so that they are set up for natural gas rather than propane. This may require changing out burner orifices or adjusting air shutter settings.
  • Potential Issues with Converting to Natural Gas

    While it may seem like an easy decision, there are potential issues to consider before making the switch. As an expert in this field, I have compiled a comprehensive list of potential issues that you may encounter when converting to natural gas.

    First and foremost, safety concerns should be at the forefront of your mind. Changing the fuel source can be dangerous if not done correctly. It is, therefore, crucial to hire a licensed professional and follow all safety measures to prevent any accidents.

    Cost is another significant factor to consider. Converting your griddle to natural gas can be expensive, as it requires purchasing a conversion kit and possibly hiring a licensed professional for installation. Make sure to factor in these costs before making a decision.

    Moreover, the availability of natural gas in your area can also pose a challenge. If your home or business is not connected to a natural gas line, you will need to have one installed before you can use natural gas as a fuel source. This can be a costly and time-consuming process and may not be feasible for everyone.

    When converting from propane to natural gas, adjusting burner settings is crucial. Natural gas burns at a lower pressure than propane, so the burners will need to be adjusted accordingly to ensure that the griddle heats evenly and effectively.

    Lastly, converting your propane griddle to natural gas may void any warranty that you have on your appliance. Before making any changes, be sure to check with the manufacturer to ensure that you are not voiding your warranty.

    Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Natural Gas Instead of Propane

    Natural gas and propane are two popular options, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. As an expert in this field, I’ve researched and compiled a list of the benefits and drawbacks of using natural gas instead of propane.

    Let’s start with the advantages. Natural gas is significantly cheaper than propane, making it a more cost-effective option in the long run. Plus, natural gas is supplied through pipelines, ensuring a continuous supply of fuel, so you won’t have to worry about running out mid-grilling session. This also means you don’t have to worry about refilling or replacing tanks, making it a more convenient option. Additionally, natural gas is an environmentally friendly choice since it burns cleaner than propane and emits fewer greenhouse gases.

    But as with any decision, there are also disadvantages to consider. One disadvantage is the installation costs that come with converting your propane griddle to natural gas. This requires professional installation, which can be expensive. Portability is another issue with natural gas grills since they are typically connected to a natural gas line, limiting their mobility compared to propane grills. Safety concerns are also important to keep in mind since natural gas is highly flammable and requires proper handling and maintenance. Finally, some areas may not have access to natural gas lines, which means it may not be an option for everyone.

    Hiring a Professional Technician for the Conversion Process

    When it comes to converting your propane griddle to natural gas, it’s important to prioritize safety and effectiveness. This is why hiring a professional technician for the conversion process is highly recommended. Here are some reasons why:

    • Safety: Converting a propane griddle to natural gas can be dangerous and lead to serious accidents if not done correctly. By hiring a professional technician, you can ensure that the conversion process is handled safely and without putting yourself or others at risk.
    • Experience: Professional technicians have experience in converting grills and appliances from propane to natural gas. They can handle any challenges that may arise during the process and offer advice on how to maintain your newly converted appliance.
    • Equipment: Professional technicians have all the necessary equipment and tools needed for the job. You won’t have to worry about purchasing or renting any specialized equipment which could save you time and money.
    • Licensing and Insurance: It’s essential to hire a licensed and insured technician for the conversion process. This ensures that your appliance is being handled by a qualified professional who is covered in case of any accidents or damages.
    • Recommendations: When hiring a technician, ask for recommendations from friends or family, or do a quick online search for local technicians. It’s important to do your research and find someone who is experienced in converting grills or appliances from propane to natural gas.

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    In conclusion, the answer to the question “Can you convert a propane griddle to natural gas?” is a resounding yes. Not only is it possible, but it’s also an intelligent choice that can save you money and contribute to environmental protection efforts.

    While propane griddles are undoubtedly convenient and versatile, natural gas griddles offer several advantages that are worth considering. These include cost savings, environmental benefits, and greater convenience in terms of fuel availability.

    However, before making the switch, it’s important to be aware of potential issues such as safety concerns, installation costs, and the availability of natural gas in your area. It’s essential to enlist the services of a licensed professional for the conversion process to ensure safety and effectiveness.

    To convert your propane griddle to natural gas, you’ll need a conversion kit, access to a natural gas supply, and basic tools like a wrench and screwdriver. Following a step-by-step guide can help make the conversion process easy and safe. Additionally, adjusting burner settings is crucial when converting from propane to natural gas.

    By working with a professional technician to convert your propane griddle to natural gas, you’ll enjoy significant cost savings while cooking up delicious meals outdoors.

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