Bear Mountain Pellets vs. Traeger Pellets

Bear Mountain Pellets vs. Traeger Pellets: What Are The Differences?

At Bear Mountain Pellets, our top priority is providing the best products to our customers.

Since we began selling pellets in 2012, we have quickly become a household name throughout the industry. We pride ourselves on being a trusted source for everything pellet-related, and our customers are always asking us for help.

So, what are the differences between bear mountain pellets and traeger pellets? Bear Mountain pellets and traeger pellets are two brands of wood pellets.

Both brands are commonly used for cooking in pellet smokers and pellet grills. The main difference between the two brands is their flavor.

Traeger pellets tend to have a smokier flavor than Bear Mountain pellets. However, Bear Mountain pellets tend to have a sweeter flavor than traeger pellets.

The flavor of the two brands is also affected by other factors, such as temperature and the pellet grill or smoker they are used in.

Overall, traeger pellets and bear mountain pellets are both great wood pellets to cook with in pellet grills and pellet smokers.


Main Features of Bear Mountain Wood Pellets

Consistent Burning Performance

Furthermore, Bear Mountain pellets employ wood or alder as their main fuel source, whereas Traeger uses a combination of hardwood species.

As a result, the consistency between batches is superior with Bear Mountain compared to Traeger. This is particularly important for BBQ enthusiasts who like consistent results every time they cook.

For new cooks, this means less time spent worrying about whether the food will come out right or not.

Additionally, the uniform burn rate between batches reduces temperature fluctuations so cooks have more control over their cooking process.

Given that densities vary a lot from one type of wood to another, it’s only natural that pellet grills would behave differently when fed different wood pellets.

It may also result in uneven heating across your grill and inconsistent heat distribution to your food.

Bear Mountain pellets, on the other hand, are created from a blend of hardwood species that have been specially selected for their high BTU output and low moisture content.

100% Natural Hardwood

Bear Mountain pellets are composed entirely of hardwoods which are naturally grown in the Appalachian Mountains in the USA.

Therefore, they are 100% natural with no additives or chemicals added during production.

On the other hand, Traeger’s blend contains a lot of softwoods like pine which may negatively impact the flavor of your food.

This is because softwoods tend to impart a strong taste to your food. Moreover, softwoods are less dense than hardwoods so they burn more slowly and produce less heat.

These inexpensive fillers often contain dust and bark particles which can impact your pellet smoker’s performance as well as the taste of your food.

Pros of Bear Mountain Wood Pellets

It Is Suitable for Use in Charcoal, Gas, and Electric Grills.

Bear Mountain pellets may be used in any grill or smoker but for best results, it is recommended that you use them in a Traeger wood pellet grill or a smoker.

You may also utilize them by sprinkling them in your coals or embers when smoking meat over charcoal.

Slow Burn Rate

The burn rate varies depending mainly on the type of equipment used as well as the ambient temperature outside.

However, in general, these hardwoods are slow burning so they retain their moisture longer resulting in better smoke retention for your food.

They also produce higher temperatures compared to other brands of wood pellets.

Typically, temperatures reach as high as 500°F depending on the model you are using. The temperature also varies according to the type of meat you are cooking and how thick it is.

However, according to Bear Mountain, most of their pellets burn at a temperature of around 400°F to 450°F which is lower than most other brands on the market.

Utilization of Base Woods

Bear Mountain pellets are made using alder or hardwoods as a base material which burns slowly and evenly without emitting a lot of ash.

This makes cleanup easy and prevents flare-ups during the cooking process.

This also allows the grill to heat up faster and maintain an even temperature throughout the cooking process.

This results in better tasting food and less smoke in your kitchen.

Furthermore, the use of base woods means that there is less sawdust in your food and little ash produced during the cooking process.

Also, because the base of these pellets is wood-based, they burn longer than other wood pellets on the market.

Quality of Wood

Bear Mountain pellets are produced from high quality hardwoods that are harvested in the Appalachian Mountains in the USA.

These hardwoods are carefully selected to ensure a consistent product with high-quality standards. As a result, the flavors of the foods cooked on these wood chips are richer and more flavorful compared to other types of wood pellets.

You can store these wood chips for up to three years without losing their quality or producing bad odors in your kitchen.

These premium hardwoods are compressed into 1⁄4 inch cylindrical pellets that are easy to store and load into the hopper of your pellet grill.


The majority of grill manufacturers recommend the use of wood pellets made from hickory, mesquite, oak, cherry, maple, apple, pecan, peach, cherry, etc. for grilling meats and fish.

However, because of the unique flavor of each type of wood, some meats may have a distinct taste depending on whether they are cooked with one kind of wood or another.

Therefore, you can use other kinds of woods interchangeably with the recommended ones to achieve a different flavor or to enhance the flavor of the food you are cooking.

Bear Mountain pellets, on the other had are 100% pure natural hardwood charcoal and contain no additives or fillers.

Cons of Bear Mountain Wood Pellets

Bear Mountain Wood Pellets is a great brand for wood pellets.

However, there are a few downsides to Bear Mountain Wood Pellets. First, Bear Mountain Wood Pellets is more expensive than other brands of wood pellets.

However, this extra cost is worth it because of the high quality of Bear Mountain Wood Pellets. Second, Bear Mountain Wood Pellets isn’t very environmentally friendly.

Some wood pellets are made from waste wood that would otherwise have been burned or recycled. However, Bear Mountain Wood Pellets is made from virgin wood, which means it’s made from trees that haven’t been used to make other products or recycled.

Finally, Bear Mountain Wood Pellets is hard to store. These pellets need to be stored in a dry place in order to stay fresh.

However, this can be difficult because many homes don’t have adequate storage space for wood pellets.

Main Features of Traeger Wood Pellets

Right Moisture Ratio

Traeger pellets have the optimal moisture ratio to ensure that they’re easy to light and will burn efficiently while producing heat for your home.

You can rely on the quality, burn rate, and consistency of Traeger wood pellets.

Most Consistent Flavors

Traeger wood pellets are unrivaled when it comes to consistent flavor.

The flavors produced by these premium quality woods are exceptional thanks to the attention to detail that goes into the production of each batch of Traeger’s premium grade woods.

These hardwoods include oak, hickory, mesquite, apple, cherry, pecan, and maple among others.

All of these hardwoods have been carefully sourced to ensure the consistent production of excellent tasting products every time.

Moreover, Traeger manufactures its pellets under strict quality controls to ensure consistent quality and great taste in every bag.

Manufacturing in the United States

Traeger wood pellets are created in the United States under strict quality control measures.

This ensures that every batch of these premium grade woods meets the highest quality standards in the industry.

Moreover, the stringent manufacturing regulations in the US ensure that these top quality woods are free from any chemical additives as well as contaminants like mold, mildew, and bacteria.

As a result, the flavors of your food will be better when you use these premium quality woods.

The business touts their pellets as the “perfect way to cook” and that is indeed the case as they provide the same taste and texture of charcoal and wood fired cooking but with the ease of gas and electric ovens.

Pros of Traeger Wood Pellets

Various Pellet Flavors

Traeger provides a limited selection to flavor its wood pellets.

It offers a greater variety than other brands of pellet grills .

The flavors of these wood pellets include mesquite, hickory, apple, cherry, maple, pecan, peach, and others. You can use any of these flavors to cook your meat, fish, and other food items on your pellet grill.

Besides using your preferred flavor to cook your food you can also use different flavors to complement one another.

For example, if you want to cook a pork roast with a sweet sauce then you can use apple flavored pellets while cooking the pork roast.


Traeger pellets are usually made from sustainable sources including certified forests as well as sawdust from lumber mills.

The sustainability of these sources ensures that the environment is protected and the raw materials used to create these pellets are made in an environmentally friendly manner.

Furthermore, the use of sustainable resources ensures that future generations will continue to enjoy the use of these products.

A wide choice of accessories is also available to compliment your grill and help you get the most out of your outdoor cooking experience.

You can also select from a variety of side burners, rotisseries, smokers and warming drawers to make the most of your grill experience.

100% Natural Hardwood

Traeger pellets are produced entirely from all-natural hardwood sawdust, which makes them completely renewable and sustainable to use.

Cheap pellets are made of softwood sawdust that is neither renewable nor sustainable.

ood from old cabinets or flooring, which is not the case with Traeger pellets.

Outstanding Composition

The pellets produced by the business have outstanding composition due to the fact that they are produced from 100% all-natural hardwoods such as maple, oak and hickory.

Achieving this ratio did not happen overnight, but after years of research and hard work by the team at Traeger Pellet Grills.

Made in the United States

Traeger pellet mills may be found throughout the US with their main manufacturing facility located in Idaho.

This facility is where the company produces all its popular products including the wood pellets and smokers.

With its main facility located right here in the US the business is able to closely monitor all production processes and ensure compliance with all federal and local manufacturing laws.

This means that when you buy a grill or a pellet smoker made by this company you can be rest assured that it was manufactured in a sustainable and responsible manner.

Traeger also adheres to strict quality standards, and its products are manufactured according to these high standards using state-of-the-art facilities.

Cons of Traeger Wood Pellets

Traeger wood pellets are a very convenient cooking fuel.

They work well in both pellet grills and smokers, which makes it easy to cook food in a wide variety of ways.

However, there are a few things that customers should consider before buying Traeger wood pellets.

First, Traeger wood pellets taste different than most other wood pellets. They taste a bit bland and artificial.

If you’re looking for wood pellets that taste more like traditional wood smoke, the Traeger wood pellets are not for you.

Second, Traeger wood pellets are more expensive than other wood pellets.

However, this price difference isn’t noticeable in pellet grills and smokers that use Traeger wood pellets.

Third, Traeger wood pellets require cleaning before they can be used again.

Cleaning pellets before using them wastes time and requires a lot of patience.

Some customers have reported that cleaning pellets is a pain.

Finally, pellet grills and smokers that use Traeger wood pellets require maintenance to operate properly.

This maintenance includes cleaning and changing out the pellets.

Overall, Traeger wood pellets are not for everyone, but they can be convenient for some customers.

Can You Use Bear Mountain Pellets in a Traeger?

The answer is yes, you can use bear mountain pellets in a Traeger grill or smoker.

Bear Mountain pellets are a premium wood pellet that are extremely dense and made from 100% hardwood. They’re great for use in pellet grills and smokers because they provide plenty of flavor and smoke.

Unlike some other wood pellets, bear mountain pellets are clean, odorless, and tasteless. They’re also great for use in pellet smokers because they burn hot, which is ideal for smoking meats.

Overall, bear mountain pellets are high-quality wood pellets that are great for smoking meats. They’re also clean, odorless, and tasteless.

Can You Use Any Pellets in a Traeger?

Traeger grills are amazing because they allow you to cook with wood pellets.

However, can you use any pellets in a Traeger? Unfortunately, the answer is no.

Traeger grills are specifically designed to use wood pellets. If you use other types of pellets, the pellets will burn too fast or not burn at all.

Furthermore, Traeger grills require a specific type of wood pellets.

If you use the wrong type of wood pellets, the pellets will burn too hot and damage the grill or burn too slow and smoke excessively.

Overall, Traeger grills use wood pellets that are specifically designed for them. Because of this, you should always use Traeger pellets in a Traeger grill.

Is Bear Mountain Pellets Better Than Traeger Pellets?

Bear Mountain pellets are used by many pellet grill enthusiasts.

However, Bear Mountain pellets are not better than Traeger pellets. In fact, they’re pretty much the same thing.

Both Bear Mountain pellets and Traeger pellets are made from the same compressed sawdust pellets, and they’re both made by the same manufacturer.

Therefore, Traeger and Bear Mountain pellets have the same quality.

However, Traeger pellets are slightly cheaper than Bear Mountain pellets. Furthermore, Traeger pellets have more flavor than Bear Mountain pellets.

Overall, Traeger pellets are a better option than Bear Mountain pellets.

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Traeger and Bear Mountain both produce high-quality compressed sawdust based hardwood cooking fuel.

These fuels are commonly used in pellet stoves, BBQs and fireplaces to naturally heat homes.

Both brands offer premium products that burn efficiently and are easy to ignite and control.

For avid cooks who are looking for an easy way to achieve authentic smoky flavors while cooking at home, both brands are perfect choices.

The Traeger Signature Blend comes in a variety of flavors that can add different flavors to your food including applewood, mesquite, hickory and more.

Bear Mountain Gourmet Combination BBQ flavored pellets come in four delicious varieties including Hickory Smoked Sausage and Pepperoni Pizza, Apple Smoked Bacon and Maple Roasted Turkey and Cherry Smokehouse Barbecue Ribs.

They have a low ash content and produce consistent smoke flavor for outstanding results every time.

Bear Mountain and Traeger pellets are made from 100% natural hardwood that has been sustainably harvested and processed in the USA to ensure the highest quality possible.

Each brand offers a variety of size options ranging from 20 lb bags to 40 lb bags to fit any budget.

It’s recommended to use pellets from the same company as your grill, so be sure that you’re using Traeger or Bear Mountain Pellets with your Traeger Grill.

However, if you possess a smoker other than a Traeger Grill, you can purchase pellets from any reputable source and be confident that they will work well in your smoker.

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