Assassin Smoker vs Stumps Smoker

Assassin Smoker vs Stumps Smoker: What Is The Difference?

Since they’re so portable, smokers love these slim, compact ashtrays.

They’re also compact enough to fit into many household drawers and cabinets. The wide openings in these platforms accommodate larger cigarettes.So, what are the differences between assassin smoker an stumps smoker?

Assassin smoker is a smoker that has an insulated body to keep food warm. It is mostly used by hunters and fishermen.

On the other hand, stumps smoker is a smoker that is made of wood with fire at the bottom. It is used to cook meat on an open flame.

Let’s dive in now.


How Does an Assassin Smoker Work?

First, warm your pit up with your chimney starter or coals and wait around five minutes for the pit to be sufficiently hot before placing your food inside.

Then fill the chute with the wood of your choice and begin firing up the pit.

Add wood bits to the chimney every few minutes until the chips have turned into coals.

Set the temperature to your desired level and wait around thirty minutes before opening the hatch to add wood chips to the fire.

Temperatures are typically fixed between one hundred seventy degrees and two hundred degrees for slow smoking foods or cooking temperatures of about three hundred forty degrees Fahrenheit for fast smoking meats.

After 3-4 hours, turn off the heat and close the lid of the oven to allow your food to rest before serving it.

How Does a Stumps Smoker Work?

Warm up your stumps grill with the coals and wait until it is sufficiently hot before placing your food inside.

Set the temperature to your desired level and wait around twenty minutes before opening the hatch to add wood chips to the fire.

This is accomplished by changing the ball valve at the top of the oven with a damper to regulate the airflow through the bottom of the oven.

To start the fire, add a handful of dry hardwood to your grill and add a bit more every time you refill your chimney starter or add more coals to the tray below the oven.

Spray the interior of the smoker with oil, place some wet crumpled newspaper in the interior and light the paper to start the fire.

Smokers cook the meat slowly, sealing in the juices and natural flavor of the cut of meat you’re cooking, thereby making it juicy and tender every time.

After the meat has been smoked, the pores of the meat will close up due to oxidation, which will keep any moisture from escaping out of the meat and dry out the meat after it is smoked.

Features of Assassin Smoker

This smoker has a temperature gauge that enables you to monitor and control the temperature of the food you’re cooking.

Heat diffusers are fitted at the bottom of this cooker to help in evenly distributing the heat throughout the oven.

Raised charcoal chute to securely hold your briquettes in place as you reload them.

It is insulated to retain heat better.

For added convenience, a detachable ash pan is fitted underneath the cooker for easy cleaning.

Features of Stumps Smoker

Stumps smokers come in a variety of forms and sizes to suit different tastes and budgets.

They include a thermometer for measuring the internal temperature of the meat, making it easy to adjust the temperature during the cooking time.

These smokers have hydraulic door hinges that ensure easy opening and closing of the doors without straining your back muscles too much.

It also has a gravity-fed charcoal tray that conveniently slides out to allow you to easily replenish the charcoal as it runs low.

They include pneumatic wheels that make it easy to move the smoker around your property while it’s in use.

The smoker is made using stainless steel and has an enamel coating that makes it more durable and long-lasting.

Difference Between Assassin Smoker and Stumps Smoker

The Assassin Smoker and Stumps Smoker are two popular indoor grills. Both grills have certain pros and cons, and which one you choose will depend on your cooking style and the type of food you want to cook.

The Assassin Smoker


  • It’s easy to assemble and disassemble
  • The grill is made of thick steel
  • The grill is lightweight
  • The grill is dishwasher safe
  • The grill is portable


  • The grill doesn’t come with a cover
  • The grill doesn’t have a temperature gauge
  • The grill doesn’t have a grease management system
  • The grill doesn’t get very hot
  • The grill has sharp edges

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The Stumps Smoker


  • The grill is made of steel
  • The grill is portable
  • The grill has a temperature gauge
  • The grill has a grease management system
  • The grill gets very hot


  • The grill is heavy and difficult to assemble
  • The grill doesn’t have a cover
  • The grill has sharp edges

Final Words

Both smokers provide flavorful cooked meals, but the main difference between them is the materials used to make them, the ease of use, and the temperature control they offer.

However, I would choose the Assasin smokers over the stumps because of their portability, affordability, and ease of assembly.

Assassin smokers provide an enjoyable outdoor experience with their wide temperature ranges and adjustable cooking temperatures.

Despite the fact that the prices of both grills are similar, I would say they are worth the money spent.

That being said, both smokers have a guaranteed satisfaction guarantee so if you are not satisfied with either of them, you can return them for a refund or exchange within a specified period of time.

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